So 2016-  I know it had some major ups and downs (I'm lookin' at you David Bowie.) BUT c'est la vie and the show must go on.  I had some pretty big dreams that I would start this amazing blog and write all this stuff about living in New Orleans, and I was going to post a couple of times a week and be super popular and amazing and rich and famous and all that jazz.  Whoa... ok, calm down Jess.  

I actually had one simple goal... I wanted to pursue a new career.  I wanted a new job and to be doing something every day that I fucking loved.  All my life (and my family can certainly attest to this) I have wanted to be nothing more than an artist... NOTHING ELSE!  I love art.  I love paintings and sculptures.  I love reading books about Art History.  I am that weirdo person at the museum who stares at a single painting for 20 minutes but glosses over another one without a second glance.  I'm that RIDICULOUS tourist who actually cries and colossal feats and teared up walking through the Colosseum, the Louvre and yep I even cry sometimes at the amazing beauty of New Orleans.  

I am, however, not the best artist.  And why?  Because I gave it up.  12 years ago I became side-tracked by life and lost my way.  I fell of the horse and just let it ride off without me.  But in 2016... that had to change.  I knew I had to start practicing again and everything and go back to drawing even just simple pieces of fruit to remember line and shading.  And I started to explore new avenues of art I had never really played at: gauche, digital design, painting... and photography.  It started really as just a way to promote my blog.  But over the year as I started to post more and more photos things took a dynamic change.  I wasn't just talking about drinking in New Orleans (FYI... I'm doing that right now) I started taking photos of everything else- really anything.  I don't have a rhyme or reason to my photos.  In fact they seem to instant that it's like trying catch sand in a storm and it just flies away so quickly.  But there are things around us so fucking beautiful- and my mind just doesn't have the sharpest memory... I'd give anything to cling to some of these moments.  I guess you could say, I take these photos to try and capture the happiness I'm feeling in the moment that shutter closes.  I'm trying to catch something that no longer exists.

Anywho- I digress.  Here are just some of my favorite photos from 2016.  There aren't many of you, but I appreciate the support that each one of you gives.  It's not all that art can be if I can't share it.